Summer Days! Up to 15% discount on all products directly in your cart until July 31th!

Summer Days! Up to 15% discount on all products directly in your cart until July 31th!

Product Receipt and Verification Procedure




  • Check the number of packages: when unloading, check that the number of packages is the same as that marked on the transport document.

                                 If not, write down a "Missing Neck Reserve";.

  • Verification of the external condition of the packages: on arrival, the neck must be intact, without deformity and torn and/or wet parts.

                                 If you find at least one of these possibilities you must sign with "Reserve for torn/Wet/dented packaging" (no general reserves are accepted ).

                                 If the product itself has visible deformities, sign and mark "Damaged Product";.

  • Signature of the transport document: once the number and external condition of the packages have been ascertained, it is possible to proceed with the signature.

                                 Also check that the driver's signature is next to any reservations.

                                 Accept delivery even in case of packaging and / or products are not compliant.


  • Outside picture of the packages: a mandatory clause for the signature with reservation but also useful in case of deformity.
  • Open packages carefully: use extreme caution when opening the packaging, especially when using cutters or blades. Damage caused by them is not covered by the warranty, so it is recommended to cut in the appropriate parts, where the adhesive tape is present.
  • Checking the articles before assembly: if the article is not in conformity, the customer must take a picture of the part involved without removing the packaging or starting assembly.




  • Handle packages with care: if the neck is too heavy and/or too bulky, seek assistance from another person;
  • Follow the assembly instructions: all information is in the instruction sheet that comes with the delivery. Ask for the help of another person for more complicated operations;
  • Presence of anomalies during assembly: as for all anomalies, photograph the damaged part before finishing assembly and then contact customer service to understand how to proceed.
  • Keep the original packaging: keep the original packaging until assembly is complete. Even if the cabinet is replaced, the original casing must be reused.