Terms and conditions of purchase

This General Conditions of sale exclusively govern contractual relationships between a www.197designstore.com 's user and the seller, manager of Elizabeth slr, with legal based  00065 Fiano Romano ( Rm ), Via Guido Rossa 20, with exhibition and sales based in 00141 Roma Via dei Prati Fiscali, 197/E and  Via Gregorio VII, n.294, con PEC address elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it . Selling holder with VAT registration number 10180131004 (Iscrizione REA: RM – 1215598).n the user finished the procedure of buying-in and accept the same conditions. 

a) All of the purchase contracts through thi web page are good and regulated by this General Conditions of sale, in the moment whe

b) The General Conditions of sale can be seen on this page. The sale can be completed only through the accepting of this conditions by the customer. 

c) Confirm the order means that the customer totally knows and accepts this Conditions of sales. 


a) All prices on www.197designstore.com shall be read public prices including VAT 22%. The travel to Italy ( no smaller islands, disadvantaged place, ZTL ) shall be read inclusive in the final price. The travel to UE will be calculated after selecting the destination. 

b) If the delivery of the goods were to be made on a smaller island, disadvantage location, in a historical centre and/or in areas with limited traffic, it is the obligation of the Buyer to inform the Seller of this condition at the time of or after the order. If such notification had not been made the Seller had the right to change the final price or the marking on the items being delivered.


c) If the User can use subsidized VAT on certain types of items, the same has the obligation to inform it in advance, so that the Seller can draw up tailor-made quote.


a) The contract between Seller and Buyer has to be considered as perfected and produce effect only after the conclusion of the purchase procedure, after the receipt by 197designstore.com of the correctly completed electronic order form and the relevant advance payment or down payment. The customer is required to verify all information contained in the order confirmation.

b) The sale proposal has to be considered “while stocks last”. If the same product is no longer available at the our warehouse or at the supply companies, or if the product should be available in more time than those given on the items schedule, 197designstore.com will speedily inform the customer through e-mail.

In this case the customer will able choose to:

  1. Cancel the order and be repaid for the amount possibly paid,
  2. Change product,
  3. Wait for the delivery’s total time.

c) The possibly repaid will made as soon as possible, and anyway within 14 working days of its receipt of the reimbursement communication.

d) The on-line sale contract between the Seller and the Customer has to be considered closed in Italy and governed by the italian’s law.



a)The customer buys the products in the electronic catalogue of www.197designstore. com at the time of placing the order, as described in the relevant data schedule. The images and technical information reproduce those provided by the manufacturers. 

197Designstore.com reserves the right to update technical product information to conform to that provided by manufacturers withoutprior notice.

b) The right order conclusion has to be confirmed by 197 designstore.com  through an email to Customer’s electronic address, that is been communicated during the subscribe. The Customer will able to verify his order status on the User’s Area, “My account”.

c) The Customer can modify or cancel the order through an email until the order has been accepted and/or the purchased goods have not yet entered into production.

d) The production of the purchased goods are made immediately after the advance payment for products with a prince equal to or lower than € 2.000,00, or the payment of an advance equal to 50% of the purchase price for products with a price higher than  € 2.000,00..

e) 197 Designstore.com is always available to any changes of the order even after the production of the goods. In any case, these changes cannot be guaranteed because they depend on the manufacturing policies of the manufacturing company.

f) The contemporaneity of web orders could change the availability of the product. If at the time of verification of the order a change is necessary, 197 designerstore.com will send an email to the customer notifying any changes to the order that will be valid as a new sale proposal.

g) 197 Designstore.com, as an e-commerce and online sales activity, draws up the register of fees ( DL 696 21-12-1996 AND ART. 22 DPR n.633 1972 ). The invoice must be requested at the time of order with the registration of the data necessary for the issue: tax code for individuals, VAT number for professionals, companies and companies PEC and/or SDI. After 1 working day form the purchase, it will no longer be possible to issue it.

The Warranty is valid from the date of preparation of the transport documentation or the sales invoice when requested. The billing information entered in the order can be change until the invoice is issued.


a) Production times are a forecast based on work experience and collaboration with our suppliers, may vary from 4 ( four ) weeks to 6 (six) weeks.

b) The production times are indicated in the product sheets under the item “delivery times”.

c) 197 designstore.com continuously urges suppliers and forwarders to respect the average production an delivery times, while guaranteeing maximum commitment to our collaborators, we cannot be held responsible for any failures or delays of one of the two subjects.


a) All the complete furniture and most ofthe bulky items on the site, are shipped with technical couriers specialized intransporting furniture, thus ensuring deliveries, always on notice by phone, the integrity and greater care of the goods during travel. Furnishing accessories and small objects are generally shipped by express courier. For these shipments there is no prior notice by phone but will be delivered the track to monitor the shipment and arrival of goods.

b) All goods are properly packed and always travel insured, by the buyer, there remains only the obligation to check the packages and the goods on delivery and to report on the transport document any damage or anomaly found. Acceptances of goods without control reserves, general non-detailed reserves and reports of damage and defects beyond the terms indicated, will not be taken into account and guarantee the refund or replacement of items.

c) For deliveries to the smaller islands, disadvantaged areas, historical centres and LTZs, there is an  additional charge which will be notified when the order is accepted. It is the Buyer's obligation to inform the Seller of this condition, if the Buyer does not comply with this obligation, the change in cost will be communicated during delivery.

d) The delivery of the goods alwaystakes place on the street level, movement to the floor and assemblyare always at the expense of thecustomer, upon request at the time ofpurchase of the calculation of thesecosts. 

e) 197 Designstore. com reserves theright to open some packages forrandom checks, photographing theproducts and is legally responsible forthe goods until delivery. 

f) The customer, at the time ofpurchase, may request insurance forthe transport of the product at theamount indicated in the relevant line


Delivery times of purchased goods vary according to the type of product and courier used and should be interpretedas forecasts based on the statistics of previous orders for the same type of product. 

In all the product sheets, the delivery times are clearly indicated and marked, which are given by the sum of the production times, arrival of goods at our warehouse, preparation and shipment to the customer. 

197 Designstore. com undertakes to make the delivery in the shortest possible time and works assiduously urging suppliers and shippers to meet the average time of production and delivery, while ensuring maximum commitment to our employees, we cannot be held responsible for any failure of one of the two subjects. 

The obligation of 197 Designstore.com to deliver the product is deemed to have been duly fulfilled when the goods ordered are handed over to the forwarder. Any delays and/or misunderstandings in the delivery of products, will be followed by us and managed as far as our expertise, but must be charged solely to the company that deals with the shipment. 

In such acase, Customer shall have no claim against 197 Designstore. com

Delivery on a date set by the customer involves a surcharge on the transport costs, to be agreed with the seller or the transport company. 

The technical carriers try to travel always at full load to optimize transport times and costs, for this reason and consequently to the greater care and quality of the transport, in some cases it may take several days from the notification, via email, of arrival of goods at our warehouse to the phonecall of the shipper to communicate the date of delivery, for shipments to central and southern Italy and the islands, this period of time may even be7-15 days. 

197 Designstore. com undertakes, however, to deliver the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the agreed deadline for deliveries in Italy and EU countries and within 30 (thirty) days for deliveries in non-EU countries, with thecustomer, after this period the customer has the right to terminate the contract without penalty and, therefore, 197 Designstore. com undertakes to credit the customer for what has been paid, provided that the withdrawal pursuant to art. 59 Consumer Code, is not allowed for custom furniture solutions, customized and made to the specific needs and requests of the customer. 

197 Designstore. com customer service regularly updates the customer on the progress of the order; if the customer, properly informed, before the expiry of the days provided for by the first additional period, decides to wait for the delivery of the products, he can not withdraw from the contract before another additional period of 45 days has elapsed. 

The production and deliveries scheduled in the holiday periods could suffer delays related to the contingencies and days of closure of the period, a delay in production or delivery before the holiday closure of manufacturers and transport  companies, could cause the postponement of delivery by a few weeks.


197 Designestore. com works daily to keep its catalogue updated and toreport any items with limited availability. Due to the simultaneous access and purchase by multiple customers of the same item, even inprompt delivery, this could go out ofstock. 

The proposal to sell is there fore understood to be subject to “stock exhaustion”. In the event that the actual product is no longer available from our warehouse or from our suppliers and/or is available in longer time than those indicated on the product sheets, 197designstore. com will promptly notify the customer by e-mail or telephone. 

In this case the customer can choose to: 
- cancel the order and be reimbursedfor any amount already paid; 
- change product; 
- wait even longer than the times indicated in the product sheet. 

In the case of supplies made up of several products, the non-availability of an item shall be a condition of reimbursement of the amount paid fort he part relating to the unavailable item. 

Any refund will be made as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of request for reimbursement.


197 Designstore. com constantly works to update the information presented in the product sheets, the large amount of content makes it possible to the existence of inaccuracies, which will be corrected when they are reported. 

197 Designstore. com is responsible for any short comings, due to the workaimed at increasing accuracy and level of detail of the items proposed, we invite, therefore, the customer to verify the correspondence of details deemed essential to their satisfaction and necessary to conclude the purchase, such as minimum sizes, color matching and finishes. 

The samples of colors, materials and finishes proposed are those that the manufacturers provide and while faithful in appearance, we invite the customer to carefully observe the sample and always view the photographs of the furniture solutions of the desired finish, in their completeness and setting, to capture even better the absolutely faithful and realistic effect that the photographs have. 

All manufacturers and suppliers of 197 Designstore. com are constantly updated to improve the products offered, and reserve the right to make technical, aesthetic and dimensional changes without notice in the eventthat these changes do not significantly alter the aesthetic content of the products and their use. 

The information in the product sheets will be updated when the manufacturer notifies197Designstore. com of these changes. 

Since suppliers and manufacturers have only a direct relationship with the retailer, the latter will manage the relationship with the final purchaser, for this reason, some collections may not bear the trademarks of the manufacturer. 

The recognizability, quality and conformity of the goods remains guaranteed in any case, as where the items are produced in Italy, they will always be marked and identified “ 100% Made in Italy"; in the relevant information sheets. 

The imported products, even if without this mark, will still be guaranteed in the quality of the structural and aesthetic parts, based primarily on a careful choice of the article marketed by 197 Designstore. com. 

All items and furnishing solutions in a collection, oridentified with the same alphanumeric code, will still be attributable to the same manufacturer.


Legislative Decree no.21 of 2014, inforce since 26 March 2014, and is sued in implementation of Directive 2011/83/EU on Consumer Rights, establishes that the consumer has the right to with draw from any distancecontract, without penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 working days from the day of delivery to the consumer. 

The right of withdrawal is available only to natural persons (final consumer of the goods, ie by a customer who buys the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity). 

For greater clarity: if the invoice has been requested by the customer with aVAT number, the right of withdrawal is not exercisable. 

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for non-prefabricated goods produced according to an individual choice of the consumer (Directive2011/83/EU of the European Parliament) and for goods made to measure or clearly personalized (art. 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014). 

Most of the products in the catalogue fall into this category. The current wording of the law, currently in force in Italy, states that the right of withdrawalis not exercisable for goods made to measure or clearly customized, this category includes in particular the custom furniture solutions, customized, made and produced to the specific need and request of the customer. 

The right of withdrawal is not exercisable in the event that for delays in production, transport, replenishment of damaged or non-compliant goods, delivery times do not meet the personal expectations of the customer or extend beyond the average time limits provided and reported in the product sheets, which we remind you to be only an estimate on the national average.

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the deadline, a written communication by e-mail to PEC elizabethsrl@legalmail. it by registered mail with return receipt to Elizabeth srl, via Guido Rossa, 20, (00065) Fiano Romano (Rm): 
After receiving this communication 197 Designstore. com will contact the customer indicating the return procedures. 
The consumer is required to return the goods at his own expense to 197 Designstore. com. within 14 working days of exercising the right of withdrawal, as provided by the Decree currently in force. 
No refund will be made if the goods, relating to the withdrawal, do not arrive at their destination at the address indicated above, or if the goods are not intact, or intact and in its original packaging with appropriate outer packaging, or even if it was tested, used and/ or altered in any way. Inside the package there must be all the accessories supplied and the documentation of the original product. 

Upon verification of the integrity and conformity of the returned goods, 197 Designstore. com will refund the amount paid, including shipping costs, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, in the manner that will be agreed directly with the consumer.


a) Despite 197 Designstore. com's commitment to packaging control and its reliance on trusted technical couriers and proven experience in the furniture transport sector, especially in the case of complete furniture and larger transport volumes in general, items may be subject to so-called “transport damage”. 

The buyer, therefore, has the obligation to check the packages and the goods on delivery and to report on the transport document any damage or anomaly found, acceptance of the goods with general control reserves, can not be taken into account and ensure the refund or replacement of items. 

197 Designstore.com is recommended, upon arrival of the goods, to check the products and, if there are any problems, to report them on the delivery document that the carrier in charge will have the recipient sign. Generic reports and / or transport documents left blank, therefore without having been properly filled in, will not allow 197 Designstore.com to provide assistance.

In the event that the product is damaged in any way 197Designstore.com, and the company supplying the aforementioned product, asks not to proceed immediately with the assembly, but to leave the product inside the original packaging (plastic and cardboard) and to document the damage via photos to the email store@197designstore.com and elizabethsrl@legalmail.it.
Damage to products, goods or any other problem - also inherent to the service performed by the company in charge if the assembly service has been previously requested - must be faithfully reported on the delivery document that the appointed assemblers will have the customer sign.
Therefore, the aforementioned delivery document must be carefully filled in all its parts, in this way 197Designstore.com will be able to provide assistance. Otherwise the insurance, assistance and warranty will be considered null and void.

In order to take advantage of the guarantee of refund and/or replacement items purchased, the customer must read and follow in every indication the procedure of delivery, inspection, unloading and any reporting of damage. 


- In the event that problems have occurred in the transport and delivery, that we have caused a complete or significant damage of the goods, clearly indicated by the customer as previous reported ( See Post-delivery problems: Replaceents and refunds ), on the transport documentation and then by email to PEC elizabethsrl@legalmail. it, attaching the necessary photographs, within 48 hours, we will   refund or reintegrate the goods as soon as possible, which will take place within the delivery time provided for in Article7 of the above conditions. 

- In the event that reports and photographic findings do not arrive by mail to PEC elizabethsrl@legalmail. It within the time limits specified above, we can not guarantee the refund, reinstatement or replacement of goods, which we can only perform at the expense and expense of the recipient.


- Partial damage is defined as that in which one or part of the articles of a complete furnishing solution is structurally damaged by compromising use and/or assembly. Subject to notification on the transport document and via e-mail to PEC elizabeth. srl@legalmail. it within 48 hours, we will replace the item(s) in question as soon as possible or refund (if the customer requests this solution) corresponding to the delivery value of the manufacturer of the damaged goods. 

The category of partial damage also includes damage in which a limited part of an article or furnishing solution presents surface anomalies such as scratches, dents, splinters, which do not compromise the assembly and use of the beautiful. 

Subject to notification on the transport document and via e-mail to pec elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it within 48 hours, if the general aesthetics of the furnishing solution is not compromised (verifiable by a panoramic photograph of the composition) or if it does not diminish in an appreciable way the total value of the goods purchased, the 197Designstore.com will provide a refund commensurate with the percentage of the value of the damaged part of the article, if instead the appearance of the furniture solution and/ or article was compromised and subject to reporting on the transport document and then by e-mailto PEC elizabeth. srl@legalmail. It always within 48 hours, we will reintegrate the goods (or part of it) original. 

-Various internal parts of furniture and elements already assembled, not recognizable at the time of delivery and not caused by subsequent incorrect or careless handling/assembly of the goods by the buyer, must be reported instead as soon as discovered within 48 hours of receipt of the goods

- In the event that the reports are not made on the transport document and the photographic evidence does not arrive by mail to PEC elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it within the time limits indicated, we cannot guarantee the refund, reinstatement or replacement of goods.


When inside a solution complete furniture, a part of it presents defects of manufacture or minimal surface defects such as scratches, dents, splinters, which do not compromise use and/or assembly, unless caused by subsequent incorrect or careless handling/assembly of goods by the buyer and subject to notification bye-mail to PEC elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it , within 7 days of delivery, in the eventthat the general aesthetics of the solution furniture is not compromised (verified by a panoramic photo of thecomposition) or does not decrease in an appreciable way the total value of the goods purchased, we will make a refund commensurate with the percentage of the value of the part of the article that has the defect, if instead the appearance of the solution furniture and/or article was compromised and subject to notification by e-mail toPEC elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it , within 7 days of delivery, we will replenish the goods (or part of it) original. 

Without observing the procedure of unloading/control of goods and reporting and the control operations summarized on the transport notes, we can only evaluate refunds or replacements of goods for manufacturing defects, but not for transport damages.

Upon arrival of the items to be returned to stock, it will be the responsibility ofthe 197 Designstore send notification by email, where it will be possible to send by express courier, the customer must repackage the defective goods that will be collected by one of our couriers and after the return and control of the items, we will send the items as a replacement or if it is necessary to use a technical courier of furniture only, the collection will take place at the same time as the delivery of the reintegrated goods, only and exclusively and unless the goods to be returned is already ready to pick up and repackaged as originally with the appropriate protections or similar, we do not accept packaging approximate, lacking or significantly different from the originals. We cannot guarantee refunds or replacement of goods on packages that are not properly packaged. 

Assembly is excluded from the service, this includes only the supply of material and transport to the road or floor, where required and agreed between the parties. 

Therefore, in the event of production delays or damage to the goods or delays by the courier, we are not responsible for prior agreements made by the end customer with external fitters skipped for this reasonor re-assembled goods that may have been damaged/discharged and subsequently reintegrated by us. 

We provide only a service of supply, transport and delivery to the final customer and we are solely responsible for damage to the goods and manufacturing defects, subject to the correct reporting of such anomalies in the forms and within the time specified above.


The products are accompanied by a regular invoice. 
The invoice must be requested at the time of order with the registration of the data necessary for the issue: taxcode for individuals, VAT number for professionals, companies and companies. 

The Warranty is valid from the date of preparation of the transport documentation or the sales invoice when requested. 
In accordance with the terms of the Consumer Code for purchases invoiced to private individuals, the warranty period is 24 months for defects of conformity. 

The products invoiced to holders of VAT, have more limited warranty on these defects, lasting 12 months. 
The warranty is valid only for conformity and manufacturing defects and those resulting from the normal use for which the goods are intended, are not covered by the warranty damage or defects due to improper use, use or handling of the product or for purposes other than normal personal or household use. 

If the delivery and unloading of goods will take place in the correct manner, and the buyer should become aware as a result of material defects attributable to the production of goods, not caused by subsequent incorrect or careless handling/assembly of goods by he buyer, must always be reported and must reach us by e-mail to PEC elizabeth.srl@legalmail.it within 7 days of delivery, always giving us a detailed description and photographic evidence of structural or aesthetic defects found, we will provide for the practices of reimbursement or replacement of goods, where due. 

The buyer loses the right to warranty if he does not notify the seller of visible defects after unpacking of the goods within 7 days of delivery of the goods. 

In the event that, within a complete furnishing solution, a part of it presents manufacturing defects or minimal superficial anomalies such as scratches, dents, splinters, which do not compromise use and/or assembly, subject to notification by e-mail within the terms provided in the previous point and in the event that the general aesthetics of the furnishing solution is not compromised (verifiable by a panoramic photograph of the composition) or does not decrease in an appreciable way the total value of the goods purchased, we will arrange are fund commensurate in percentage to the value of the part of the article that presents the defect, if instead the external aspect of the furnishing solution and/or the article is compromised, we will provide for the reintegration of the goods (or part of it) original. 

In the case of replacement of items with manufacturing defects in order to be replaced, must not show signs of assembly, holes, tampering or anything else, must remain in its original packaging or in a conforming and similar, we will collect the goods, the inspection and subsequent replacement of the same, as soon as possible.

In cases where it is the consumer's right and our duty to proceed with the replacement of items that have defects of conformity, 197 Designstore.com undertakes to work with the utmosturgency at the supplier for the production of new items, while the buyer is responsible for returning the goods, which will still be at our expense, in the condition in which it was delivered, packed properly to avoid further damage and problems. 

We cannot guarantee refunds or replacement of the goods on packages received that are not properly packaged. 

While we ensure that replacement practice is handled as quickly as possible, we would like to inform you that we cannot be held responsible for the production, management and transport times of our manufacturers and forwarders. 

In the event that the delivery time does not correspond to the customer's expectations and the customer refuses to receive the goods and/or fulfill the payment of cash on delivery, the seller must be deemed forced to charge the costs of return of the items and retain the deposit to partial reimbursement of costs of goods specially customized and unsold.


This is an information for the processing of personal data that is provided pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree196/03 (here in after Privacy Code) for users of our site. 

This information does not apply to other websites that may be consulted through our links, 197 of which designstore.com is in no way responsible. 

The Data Controller of personal data relating to identified or identifiable persons processed following consultation of our website is Elizabeth srl, with registered office in Fiano Romano (Rm), via Guido Rossa, 20, VAT no. 10180131004. 

The treatments related to the web services of this site take place at 197designstore.com. and the contents are handled by employees and collaborators of Elizabeth srl.

The personal data requested when placing the order and/or subscribing to the site and/or the newsletter, are of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, has the right to access their data in the manner provided for the rein. 

Marketing communications will be sent only with the explicit consent of the customer is sued together with the authorization to process and send in the online registration form. collected by 197 Designstore.com and processed on computer media, in order to meet the obligations of the contract concluded with the customer and for the proper management of orders placed. 

197 Designstore.com does not use the personal data collected through registration to the site for transfer and sale to third parties who request it for advertising and/or co-marketing purposes. 

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- external subjects who carry out functions connected and instrumental to the operation of the Service, such as, for example, assistance and advice inaccounting, administrative, legal, taxand financial matters; 

- subjects whose right to access data is recognized by legal provisions or orders of the authorities. 

The Customer, at any time, has the right to revoke the consent to the processing of personal data by written notice to be sent to the head quarters of 197 Designstore.com.

The correct conclusion of the order is confirmed by 197 Designstore. com by email to the email address provided by the customer at the time of registration. 

The customer, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, has the right to access their data in the manner provided for the rein. 

Marketing communications will be sent only with the explicit consent of the customer issued together with the authorization to process and send in the online registration form.