About us



197 Design Store was born from the experience of almost 50 years of 197 Piermarini design, the first showroom in Rome specializing in interior design that boasts more than 20,000 customers served and satisfied. 
If today we are among the best in interior design, it is thanks to the hard work of our team, guided by all the experience and passion cultivated over the years, and the best value for money that we offer our customers with the introduction of the policy of the lowest price guaranteed. 
We combine professionalism and high quality products, ensuring customized solutions and specifications for each of our customers. 
Driven by the desire to facilitate the use of our services and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, we decided to bring our business on online platforms, and then to activate an e-commerce site, the 197designstore.com. 
Created with the aim of providing greater transparency and immediate contact with customers, the online store offers the best design brands, a wide choice of furniture products, both Italian and international, and direct advice with the best designers.
Through this site all our customers have the opportunity to visit the store, consult the catalog and buy, all from the comfort of home. 
We also provide a professional design service, thanks to our team of interior designers, who will accompany you in the design and development of ideas, to get the most out of the interior spaces of your home. For more information, please visit the  contact section of the website.