Chairs, stools, armchairs and tables that express the Made in Italy through attention to detail, high quality in synergy with the creativity of famous designers, craftsmanship and the most advanced technology


Midj is an Italian brand that came to light in 1987 at the behest of the Cordovado-based company to identify its collections of chairs, armchairs and tables. In the Midj collections we can find the way to design, interpret and innovate typical of Made in Italy. Know-how represents the heart of this company and thanks to this all their projects take vitality and momentum with an artisan vocation that is continuously cultivated and perfected. The DNA of their production lies in their confidence in the future. Midj designs furniture for people who want to live, who want to build real spaces, bright and full of joy. Their soft design welcomes with fluid lines and rounded corners the soft padding designed for a happy comfort. In its collections Midj continuously researches with its designers the transversality and explores all possible declinations to develop each furniture project and reach all the solutions that the needs of the space requires. Each Midj collection is constantly renewed thanks to innovative materials and colours that are continuously tested, because Midj takes the quality aspect of its assortment very seriously.

Quality is for them a concrete value that affects every daily process and its Integrated Management System is always in line with current quality standards and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 Midj with an international standard, certified according to ISO 14001:2015, also involves its suppliers to respect environmental regulations and a sustainable environmental approach that leads to a significant reduction in consumption and pollution. In addition, in order to ensure excellence and safe use of the product, it has been awarded other specific international certifications.

197 Design Store is an official partner of Midj and the products in our catalog are always updated with the latest arrivals and finishes.

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