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Manufacturer of sideboards, consoles, desks, tables, coffee tables, chairs, stools, armchairs, poufs, lamps, chandeliers, high design furnishing accessories Made in Italy.

Bontempi Casa is a renowned Italian furniture manufacturer with over 60 years of history behind it that produces a wide range of high quality and designer furnishing accessories including tables, chairs, consoles, desks and lounge furniture. The history of this company begins in the 1960s with Mobilfer, the first company of Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi, where metal was produced by hand. The meeting between tradition and innovation gives life to the Bontempi Casa collections which adequately interpret living spaces, obtaining aesthetics (in materials and details), functionality and comfort in a single product. The aim of the furniture company is to aim for Made in Italy excellence by working day after day on new design products with new technologies to create new welcoming living solutions.
Among the high quality furnishing accessories we find the Bontempi Casa tables, available in different models, formats (rectangular, round, square, oval) and materials such as glass, wood and supermarble, for all needs, we also find the seats Bontempi Casa and stools Bontempi Casa , chairs with a modern design, both for the living room and the kitchen, which today contribute to defining the style of the house.

Among the most sought after items are the Bontempi Gipsi chairs, the Bontempi Eva chairs and the Bontempi Cruz tables. In the living area we also find Bontempi coffee tables, an indispensable element, most often positioned next to the sofa to offer comfortable support and create a captivating visual impact. Current trends in interior design focus on the evolution of increasingly larger and more integrated living spaces, combining the living room and dining area into a single environment.
Bontempi Casa contributes to environmental sustainability by carefully selecting the materials it uses in the manufacturing of furniture. Bontempi pays particular attention to the environment by implementing finishes and processes without emissions of substances harmful to the environment. The paints used are solvent-free, non-polluting and recyclable plastics and crystals are preferred, as well as woods selected by rigorous environmental, social and economic controls. Bontempi looks at the resources of our planet in a responsible manner to defend and preserve the future of future generations.
Discover the Bontempi Casa catalogue, sophisticated solutions, exclusive style and productive mastery in home furnishings.

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