Precious and quality sofas are the main furnishings that identify the Flexform brand. Products that ...

Precious and quality sofas are the main furnishings that identify the Flexform brand. Products that stand out for their elegance, comfort and sobriety.

Since the early 60s Flexform represents the unique symbol of made in Italy design with its production of sofas with large soft cushions. In fact, leathers, fabrics, padding materials, feathers and down are chosen with care and attention to bring lightness, warmth and preciousness into our homes.

In the 70s Flexform crossed national borders reaching Germany among the European countries, which immediately showed great interest in the sober, elegant and comfortable Flexform sofas. Soon its growth reaches exclusive furniture stores in America, Asia and Australia, up to the opening of a dedicated Flexform store.

The manufacturing quality is guaranteed by the hard work of specialized craftsmen who have the right skills that are handed down from generation to generation. Since the birth of the company, many designers have worked to maintain timeless quality and style. Among the Flexform interior designers we find: Joe Colombo, Paolo Nava, Rodolfo Bonetto, William Lansing Plumb, Gigi Radice, Guido Rosati, Carlo Colombo, Giulio Manzoni. For over 40 years the symbol of the brand has been Antonio Citterio, the designer who most of all contributed to the history of Flexform and who day after day amazes with his creativity and his design approach for the realization of each single product.

The Flexform sofa catalog is vast and varied: the undisputed best seller is the Groundpiece by Antonio Citterio with its large goose down cushions. A sofa that has changed the way of sitting through numerous functions and that has revolutionized the very concept of the sofa.

In addition to the line of indoor sofas, it is possible to appreciate the shapes and lines of beds, tables, chairs, armchairs and accessories for the living area.

Since 2011 Flexform has also extended its production to the outdoors, becoming a reference point for all families with the possibility of furnishing outdoor spaces. This is how outdoor furniture and sofas are created, such as the Grandmare outdoor: a modular sofa with elegant lines and sinuous shapes, bringing a unique and extraordinary style.

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