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Arketipo's collections represent a unique combination of shapes, materials and colors of Made In Italy style that will simply make your environment perfect. 

The Arketipo company was founded in 1982 in the picturesque Florentine setting, where the skilful partnership between designers and master craftsmen, has given rise to bold, unique and inimitabe achievement.  As the etimology of the word, archè-"original" and tìpos-"model" suggests, archetype refers to the concept of the original idea, and it is precisely with the intention of creating and proposing a distinctive and refined model that Arketipo founded his name and his ethòs. Design is a stylistic transgression and a desidere to epress through shapes and materials taht are never banal; this makes the products come to life becoming the real projects. These includes Sofas, Armchairs, Beds, Tables, Coffee Tables, Chairs and Furnishings Accessories, each of which is the result of the perfect synthesis between experience, tradition, craftsmanship and inspiration of Made In Italy.  The inspiration comes form harmony between combinations, materials and nuances which trascend the contemporary and create a lifestyle between dream and provocation.  Arketipo explores or perceptions, the setting blends design and florentine tailoring tradition.  Fabrics and luxory leathers, moulded like art piece. The wide range of finishes and coverings that make up Arketipo's products create exclusive and captivating combinatins that will make every room of your home and beyond original.

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