The word "archetype" comes from the ancient Greek and its meaning refers to the concept of idea, image, original model (archè: original, tipos: model). 
The Tuscan company has chosen the name Arketipo precisely because it embodies the idea of originality, of a distinctive and refined model. 
For Arketipo Firenze, design is life, stylistic transgression and the desire to express one's values through forms and materials that are never trivial. 
The material dresses the design of style. The mastery lies in the selection of the best, the new and the useful. Each product is the perfect synthesis of tradition, craftsmanship, experience and inspiration. 
The inspiration comes from the harmony of combinations, materials and nuances, which transcend the contemporary and create a lifestyle between dream and provocation. Arketipo explores our perceptions, the scenario blends design and Florentine tailoring tradition. Fine fabrics and leathers, shaped like works of art. Everywhere unique, not easy choices. Perfection becomes banal, and makes diversity the tangible demonstration of a manual skill and a pathos that are never repeated in the same way.
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