The 4 furnishing trends for 2023


What are the interior design trends for 2023?
This is a legitimate question if we are evaluating a new style for our home or if we are instead approaching furniture for the first time.
The last two years have been full of changes and revolutions, we have had to learn to readapt to a new world that has now changed in all its forms. This evolution has also involved interior design; it was an inevitable effect due to the need to stay at home, thus learning to experience the spaces around us in a different way.
In the last year, after the end of the restrictions, the Salone del Mobile 2022 was held in Milan. Precisely on this occasion we were able to realize how much the last few years have also changed the made in Italy furniture sector and beyond . The major furniture brands presented interesting novelties, innovative concepts and splendid finishes. You will find below a series of guidelines from which to draw inspiration.
  1. Eco-sustainable materials.

    A necessary change that today's world requires of us is certainly the use of eco-sustainable materials. The brands therefore offer reusable furnishings, made with wood, recyclable fabrics and recycled plastic; an example is the Midj brand, which presented an entire range of products made of recycled wood and leather, or Ditre Italia which has patented an eco-sustainable fabric. Design therefore becomes "green" and whether it is riding fashion or not, this will still have a positive impact on the environment.

    Suite armchair - Midj.

  2. Vital and livable spaces – there is a new color in the palette: green.

    We have learned to experience the house in a different way, understanding it as a protected and private place in which to live and share part of the day if not all; the "house" therefore returns to being more livable and above all vital. The "return to life" of our living space is accompanied by a more intense use of colours. In the living area there is a mix of pastel, lively and spring-like colors such as green, yellow and orange, or warmer and earthier combinations of colors, as presented by Cattelan Italia in its stand at the Milan Design Week this year: terracotta, brick - pink, burnt brown and sand.

  3. The Marble.

    The change is also visible in the choice of nuances for the marble or ceramic-marble tops, a valid and less expensive alternative to natural marble. More intense and deep colors are preferred such as the Emperador shade, elegant and enveloping, thus leaving aside the more famous colors of undisputed beauty such as Calacatta or Alabaster. Two of the trendiest brands, Cattelan Italia and Flexform, are actively contributing to consolidating this change by combining the Emperador finish with a metal in warm tones such as bronze or Brushed bronze, one of Cattelan Italia's best-selling finishes.

    Atrium Keramik table, Cattelan Italia.

  4. Softness and generosity of shapes.

    The new 2022 proposals focus on important elements and sinuous shapes. The rigorous geometry of the most minimal design meets the convenience and comfort that we constantly need, thus creating a product with generous and comfortable dimensions but which never abandons its beauty. A clear example are the sofas, many of which are modular, i.e. single elements with basic shapes but which can be easily combined with each other and thus create compositions that can be used in all their aspects, important and comfortable. Flexform presented just this year a sofa that gives life to all the characteristics just mentioned: the Perry sofa.
    Other products designed to clearly represent all these characteristics are for example the sideboards, also retro-finished, such as the Costes sideboard by Cattelan, or the bookcases designed to be double-sided such as the Charlotte bookcase by Bontempi Casa or the Freeway by Cattelan Italia.

    Perry sofa - Flexform.

    Charlotte bookcase - Bontempi.

These are the 2023 trends that we at 197 Design Store have had the good fortune to know, preview and from which we draw inspiration for our projects or furnishing consultancy. Are you thinking about furnishing a new space? Contact our interior design service, we will be happy to provide you with all the help you need!