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Giuseppe Viganò


Viganò's experience introduced him to the realities of important companies in the furniture sector, up to consolidating his passion for industrial design.

He mainly qualifies as an industrial designer of furniture products and as Art Director of companies in the sector. In his projects, often new and innovative materials are a source of inspiration and a starting point for the creation of an original and unique product, or even entire collections. Sometimes the search for ideas from the world of fashion, art and why not even poetry, are an opportunity to achieve the goal, the project, in a transversal way, in fact many of its known products are the result of pictorial or particular concepts glamor, or even poetic abstractions from which to recreate intriguing shapes. Over the years, Giuseppe Viganò has collaborated with important companies in the sector such as Arflex, Arketipo, Bonacina Pierantonio, Bonaldo, CIA International, Cogliati & Cogliati, Confalonieri, Emmemobili, Estel, F.lli Longhi, Frighetto, Gamma International, Horus, Ivano Redaelli, Lema, Matteo Grassi, Minotti, Misuraemme, Nest, Poliform, Porada, Artexa, Tissettanta and Visionnaire carpets. The chair designed for Bonacina Pierantonio was nominated to win the ADI Compasso d'Oro 2010 award.