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Fabio Novembre


Italian architect and designer, Fabio Novembre develops his reputation and experience over the years through the development of projects in Italy and abroad.

Born in Lecce in October 1966, he moved to the city of Milan as soon as he reached the age of majority. Here he began his studies at the Polytechnic of Milan and in 1994 he received his first commission: to carry out the architectural design of the interiors of the "Anna Molinari Blumarine" shop in London.
He also attended a film directing course at New York University.
Recently, from 2000 to 2003 he was Art Director of Bisazza; he has also collaborated with several companies including Cappellini, Driade, Meritalia, Flaminia and Casamania. His experience can be defined as multidisciplinary: he also collaborates with the Municipality of Milan for the preparation of a monographic exhibition entitled "Teach me the freedom of the swallows" and "The flower of November", respectively in 2008 and 2009. Always for the municipality of Milan, he takes care of the installation inside the Italian pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai Expo.