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Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Lo Scalzo Moscheri is an Architect, Designer and Art Director of prestigious Italian companies specialized in the furniture sector; Varaschin and Ditre two of these.

He was born in November 1963 and at the age of twenty-four he graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan, and then a Master's degree in "Advanced Technology Application on Industrial design manifacture" in Florida the following year. Over the years he has worked alongside Boffi, Porro and Living. From 1987 to '93 he was a consultant for Lissoni and subsequently opened his own studio mainly dealing with product design and advertising. The countless experiences gained over time thanks to his collaboration with important design furniture companies, have made his skills quite versatile. In his creations, the will to perceive tradition and technology is perceived, creating a sort of border between present and future, in an attempt to lay the foundations for something innovative, respecting techniques and materials that are witnesses of the tradition of the ancient master craftsmen.
He creates designs and projects for multiple Italian companies such as Casamilano, Gallotti & Radice, Doimo Cucine, Pedrali, Redaelli, to name a few. He is currently Art Director of Ditre Italia and Varaschin, together with Montbel, Understate Milano and Xera Cucine.