Alta Corte

Wood represents the identity of Alta Corte.
A noble material, capable of giving warmth to the environment and transmitting the uniqueness of Italian manufacturing.

This Venetian company was founded with the aim of enhancing the production of handcrafted wooden furniture, furniture made entirely of solid wood for the living area, kitchen and bedroom, diversified by various finishes. The woodworking is carried out by hand and followed slavishly, with a meticulous attention to detail, without ripples, cracks or asymmetries, but on the contrary are exalted the "signs of the wood", those characteristics that give it character and personality. The realization of a wooden furniture is not only to make a product that is solid overall and that remains unchanged in form and color over time, but to ensure that it is solid and unalterable in all its components. Alta Corte's collections include tables and chairs, coffee tables, cupboards and containers, consoles, TV stands, bookcases and day columns, modular walls, peninsula tops, beds and bed frames, dressers and bedside tables, and accessories. Each creation, the result of a tradition handed down from generation to generation, is aimed at enhancing the originality and uniqueness of the product Made in Italy. Furthermore, production is managed in a conscious manner and with a view to sustainability: the wood comes from forests managed according to the environmental standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, sorted according to a network of regional suppliers so as to reduce CO2 emissions due to travel, and still subjected to natural treatments to limit energy waste. Alta Corte lends itself to residential solutions, but also contract, in all those spaces in which it is possible to recreate a living area, a kitchen or a bedroom, ie a restaurant, a hotel, a holiday home, a B&B, to name a few examples.
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