SUMMER VIBES 10! Buy before 6 June and get 10% discount on all products

SUMMER VIBES 10! Buy before 6 June and get 10% discount on all products



Sofa means comfort.



What characteristics should it have?

A welcoming and elegant living area is born from the combination of several elements, studied in their finishes, colors and functionality; among these we certainly have the equipped walls (link to the article equipped walls), sideboards, armchairs, sofas, carpets and much more. An essential component of the living room is certainly the sofa, whether it can be two or three-seater, corner or with chaise longue. How to choose the sofa that best suits your environment?

Beauty is not everything!

Design, as a study of shapes and colors, is important but it is not the only feature to be taken into consideration, it is just one of the many qualities that your new sofa must have. It is necessary to pay attention to sizes, colors, shapes, comfort and also the type of padding. Many brands, such as Flexform (link to flexform page) for example, allow you to choose the type of lining material, or a combination of these, to create the perfect sofa whether you want it soft and enveloping like a hug, or stable and linear for a more formal environment; every need deserves to be respected.


Imaginary vs Reality.

It is very common, and a symptom of creativity, to imagine the ideal sofa. Often, however, we fall into the mistake of not taking into account the size of the space we have available, so it is much more satisfying to dream of a large and angular sofa rather than a simple two-seater sofa. Yet, to be called comfortable, a sofa does not necessarily have to be large as it could end up being bulky. It is essential that the sofa blends with the surrounding space, harmonizing with all the elements of the living area, in this way the final effect of the environment will be light, welcoming and balanced.



Once you have identified the measurements of the living room, and consequently the ideal ones for your sofa, the next question to ask is related to the shapes.
Furniture brands such as Flexform, Ditre Italia, Poliform, Arketipo and Twils offer a large catalog of shapes, sizes and models.
So it will be possible to choose a corner sofa or with a chaise longue for a generous living room, or a two or three seater sofa for a small and horizontally developed living room. The three-seater sofa, among all the proposals on the market, is certainly the safest choice thanks to its sufficiently generous and not bulky measurements to allow for comfort, elegance and excellent furnishings.
The chaise longue also deserves to be appreciated, as long as it is properly inserted in an area large enough to allow efficient use. Don't have enough space? Do not despair, an excellent alternative can be an armchair, perhaps a swivel one.

Covering and colors, we develop a moodboard.

What is the moodboard? It is a table, a scheme, a map that allows you to collect ideas and styles on colors, shapes or types of coating. It is a useful tool with which to plan the palette of your living room and which, consequently, will inevitably also influence your sofa.
The study of colors is essential because it allows you to create a harmonious and balanced environment in all its elements.
It is important to take into consideration not only the colors of the furniture, but also that of the walls and floors. Skilfully combining the entire range of colors in your living room will undoubtedly make it elegant, refined and extremely special.



Budget, how much to invest?

When buying a sofa, or even more generally for the purchase of a piece of furniture, having an idea of ​​how much you want to invest is the basis of an excellent purchase.
It is an investment in all respects as a good sofa will stay with you for at least ten or fifteen years, if kept with care and purchased with criteria.
The coatings made available by the brands are subjected to constant abrasion and resistance tests, so investing in one type of fabric rather than another will make the choice not only easier, but also more durable over time. The cleared “quality-price” criterion is a fundamental principle and not to be underestimated.
  • Budget,
  • Dimensions,
  • Shapes,
  • Moodboard.
Four simple steps to help you choose the perfect sofa for your living room area.