Equipped wall: Elegant, practical and functional.

Equipped wall: elegant, practical and functional. Here's how to choose it!

The equipped wall is an immediate solution that focuses on elegance and practicality, but not only: it is a symbol of functional furniture, and integrates into any environment, especially in the living areas.

How do you choose? Which would be more appropriate to buy and how many types are there?

If you are considering modifying your living area, take some time to understand how this piece of furniture works and evaluate the best possible solution; on 197 Design Store you will have the opportunity to sift through the best equipped walls.

How important is functional furniture nowadays? What is functional furniture and what benefits does it actually bring to home environments?

Compared to the past, our way of approaching the home has changed. There is no longer the desire to fill it, to load it with ornaments, or perhaps with memories. Today we want to focus on simplicity and functionality, but above all on a modern aesthetic, almost with minimal shades.
A functional home is often the result of some decorating tricks and secrets recommended by the best interior designers. You no longer want to focus on bulky furniture, but you want to modernize the house, making it more tidy, to live it in complete freedom.
There is more, however, because the equipped walls or partition walls can help create divided environments, in such a way as to give the house more breathing space, obtaining more space. In this way the furniture is renewed, and a symmetrical visual effect is obtained, which is one of the essential characteristics of functional furniture.

Fixed or suspended wall system: which is the best? There are numerous solutions for equipped walls, from fixed to suspended. What are the differences and above all which one would be better to buy?

Contemporary furniture is functional and intelligent, but there is a very important aspect that should not be underestimated: design. The modular equipped walls are in any case a very interesting proposal, since they can be customized and many and original combinations of colors, shapes and materials can be created. For example, in a living context you can focus on neutral colors, for a very elegant and refined touch, or use pastel or chrome colors, for a more dynamic and sunny decor.
The suspended wall unit, on the other hand, is equally fascinating, especially since it furnishes the environment without weighing it down, but instead creating a particular and engaging dynamism; moreover, it is an extremely convenient option also in terms of cleaning. This elegant piece of furniture is perfectly suited to those contexts where you don't have much space available and you want to take advantage of all the useful surfaces, including walls.

How to choose the equipped wall? What are the factors that contribute to the choice of an equipped wall?

Personal tastes and needs are points to be absolutely taken into consideration. From an aesthetic point of view, and therefore of design, however, the symmetry, the focal point and the main functionality certainly deserve a special mention. Never underestimate symmetry: the geometries of an equipped wall, whether square or linear, have the innate ability to fascinate, involve and capture attention. The environment will therefore be orderly but never boring.

What will you really use it for: why are you considering the purchase of an equipped wall? What will its purpose be inside the home or in your living area?

Functionality is the basis of a good choice. The equipped wall must necessarily meet your needs, then decide whether it is fixed, suspended, on the wall, or on the ceiling and again, shelves, containers or elegant worktops and desks to overcome space problems.
Focus on the focal point: Do you want to use the equipped wall in a more relaxed context as a simple and elegant bookcase? Or do you prefer to make it the protagonist of the living room by decorating it with books, lamps and why not also as a television stand?
The equipped wall will therefore be tailored to your choices.